Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I am finally over my fear of car cakes!

My heart always sinks when someone rings and asks for a car or bike on a cake - I am such a girl with vehicles!

The customer that ordered this cake was very easy going about what type of car was on the cake but just that it had to appeal to a small child. I loved the finished product so much I made a teeny tiny one for on the board too! My sister must have liked it too - she bought a Fiat 500 the next week which looks just like this car but black!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Personalised Cake Toppers

I love doing a cake that is really personal to the recipient. This wedding cake I made a couple of weeks ago had a groom cake topper dressed in his army uniform. They were having full militiary guard of honour at the wedding - I would have loved to go and watch but the wedding was the same time as my youngest daughter's birthday party - Now, I'm mad about cakes but I wasn't missing that for anything!

Here's Violet's cake - A very rush job again I'm afraid - The peril's of having a Mum that makes cakes for a living - It had a jungle theme as we had the party in the Jungle Play area.