Sunday, 28 March 2010

The football cake and the Thank You

As you can probably imagine, I get asked to make a LOT of football cakes - It is always a challenge to make them that little bit individual and different than the last. This was for a man whose wife I have met at a trade show that I regularly attend (More about trade shows at a later date!) - The husband in question was having the mother of all suprise parties and they wanted a BIG cake.

The lady (another Helen) was delighted with her cake when she came to collect but was a little disappointed for my husband who was celebrating his birthday on the same day - with an ASDA cake - The joys of being married to a busy cake decorator!

A few days after the party I received this lovely thank you message...

Hi Helen

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for Neil's Birthday Cake. He loved the football design and it was absolutely delicious. There was plenty for all our guests, plus we really enjoyed sharing the football afterwards!

Hope your Husband enjoyed his Birthday too and that you will be back at Shop Direct some time soon.

Thanks again,


I don't 'do' cakes for the glory or the Thank Yous but they are really lovely when they come.

Coming soon ...Christening Cake

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My Life is so Rock 'n' Roll!

This jukebox cake was massive!! This was a bunch of people who went all out to arrange a party for their friend. Everything was co-ordinated to a Rock and Roll theme and the outfits they wore for the party were AMAZING! I believe the cake went down a storm aswell as the cupcakes which all had either musical notes, treble clefs or 'records' all with different song titles. I know Dolly Parton isnt exactly Rock and Roll but Moira (the birthday lady) is a massive Dolly fan and wanted her incorporated. The records were completely edible and varnished with edible varnish. I was slightly depressed though when my 7 year old daughter asked what a record was - how old do I feel?

Coming soon ... Football Cake