Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Princess Castle Cake

One of 'our' favourite programmes has recently become Ben & Holly's Magic Kingdom. (When I say 'our' every parent knows that you lose control of the tv until the little ones are in bed!) For a kids programme it is really quite funny - especially the Queen with her accent and sarcastic remarks. I always picture them when I make this cake which is quite a popular one. This was for a little girl that has ordered some of the most amazing cakes I have done so far - Her Mum has the best ideas! Everything except the princesses tiara and the number 4 is edible. Enjoy!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Lucky Me! Happy Valentines!

Once again, I believe I have one of the best jobs around - as a result of this blog I received an email asking if I would be willing to receive a bouquet of Interflora flowers and describe my thoughts here. Well, hell yes!

They arrived on a boring mundane Tuesday afternoon and immediatedly brightened up my day - even the box was special!

The bouquet I was lucky enough to receive was the 'Me to You' collection along with a super soft teddy - I have to say my girls were so much more excited with the teddy than the flowers! Even the cellophane was Me to you!

I thought roses were just roses but these were gorgeous and lasted really well - 5+ days!

If you are a bit last minute and wanting a really special Valentines gift then these will win you a million brownie points!

Thank you Interflora!
Coming soon ... the castle cake as promised earlier and a MASSIVE juke box cake!