Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Happy 100th Birthday to the Guides

The Girl Guides Association are celebrating 100 years of 'service'(?) during 2009/2010. To mark the start of their year of celebrations an event was held bringing together the North West Division - and of course where there is a celebration there is a cake!

This cake was enormous - it needed to serve 100+ - the board was 36" x 24" and those stars took forever!

The other cake pictured was for the 50th birthday of the Brownies and Guildes pack that I used to be a member of - a LONG time ago! There is a guide dressed in the new uniform and a brownie dressed in the traditional dress - she has got 2 arms by the way - she is supposed to look like she is making her brownie promise!

Happy birthday everyone - Lets hope they all get a birthday badge!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hello Sailor!

Apologies for the really camp title - Couldn't resist! Tiny bit scared of doing this large union jack - they look so naff when they are 'not neat'! I loved the tiny details on the sailors uniform - Its what I do best.

Blog updates have been scarce at best for the past few months - I hearby swear to do better .. and do my duty to god and serve the queen - in the words of the good old brownie promise! And to prove this...coming soon! Guides Centenary Celebration Cake!