Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Not a cake!...Oh go on then!

This post is so overdue! Not had access to blog for a couple of weeks - oh how I have missed thee - ish!

The pictures shown are a bit of a departure from my normal ones. The lovely people at Abel & Cole seems to be approaching a lot UK food bloggers asking us to trial their goody boxes - Not a problem! I have been meaning to order a box for a while - yes, I really do eat other things than just cake from time to time!

So, the box itself...contained LOADS more than I expected - a really good range of 'normal' fruit and veg that we would eat - This might have been luck or might have been down to the fact that I asked for 'normal' food - 6 and 3 year olds dont tend to be that adventurous when eating! Included were...Potatoes, Carrots, Spring Onions, Tomatoes, Spring Greens, Onions, Apples, Oranges and plenty more.

What did I make? Well it was Sunday, so it would have been rude not to do a roast dinner! Yum - I always thought people were having me on when they said you can tell food is organic - but there was something special about those 'spuds'!

The next day?...Salad - well it was a warm day (at least by UK standard!)

Overall opinion? Fab! It was also just lovely to have an Abel & Cole box sitting in my utility room - I honestly kept going over to it looking in - how sad!

Am I being honest? Yes, I truly wouldnt give a product a positive review if I didnt mean it.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Tigger Christening Cake

For my lovely friend, Wendy who I believe is an avid reader of my blog - get me! Wendy - get commenting!

I cannot believe I haven't met Samuel yet - something I intend on fixing very soon! Sadly, we couldn't even attend his special day but hopefully the cake was enjoyed by all.

Tigger was made out of sugarpaste - I had to cheat and use sticks to hold his arms up.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

TWD Cinnamon Squares and More Chocolate!

Whoops! Didn't realise it was 5 past 12 - I am 5 minutes late for posting this week's Tuesday With Dorie post - The group with members all from all over the world where we all bake the same thing and post our results on a Tuesday/Wednesday-just! This week it was the turn of Cinnamon Squares chosen by Tracey of Tracey's Culinary Adventures

My results as you can tell from again a rubbish pic are just average - I have to say I wasn't disappointed as I didn't really expect much from this recipe but I don't think I'd make again - It was just like a mocha cake which really don't excite me that much. My choc/coffee layer sank to the bottom (which has never happened to me before - I feel like I have joined a gang!) The choc frosting layer did make it better and it will probably all get eaten. There are far better pics from other bakers though so dont take my word for it, hop on over to the rest of the gang

I haven't posted for over a week so I have a massive backlog of cake posts - I thought I would drop one in here just to try and improve the look of this post! This is a Wedding cake made from vanilla sponge with choc buttercream and choc fudge topping and edible blossoms - For a lovely couple, Joanne and Andrew - Good Luck to them both!