Saturday, 30 January 2010

Crash Bang Whallop!

This week's offering is for a very musical chap - Board designed with paino keys and I had great fun making the drums and the guitar. I used lolly sticks to put the higher drums on which could then be put straight into the cake. The symbols are my favourite - I painted cocktail sticks silver and put these into the drums as they can't go straight into the cake.

Next up...Princess Castle Cake

Monday, 25 January 2010

Naked Ladies Cake

Look away if you are easily offended! This cake contains nudity - of the marzipan variety.
This is a popular design (not sure where the original idea came from) but it seems to be a popular choice for 40th birthdays.
The ladies' bits are covered up by sparkly stars and legs are strategically placed - This is the rudest cake I do as I have to let my little girls see them - Its by far not the rudest cake I have been asked to do though!! My 7YO thinks its hilarious that anyone would want ladies showing their boobs on a cake but who am I to ask?

Coming soon...Wedding Stationery - the start of 2010 collection and Drum Kits/Guitars and Pianos

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wake me up before you GoGo!

Ha! This post is nothing to do with the delectable George Michael but the children's toy craze that frequently has me mithering newsagents up and down the land.

For non-kiddy people, Gogos are a massive range of tiny plastic creatures that all have something individual about them - My latest cake recipient is a young man named Sam who by all accounts is even more obsessed with Gogos than my 2! His favourite is the guy on top of the cake names Rein-W whose 'superpower' is to zap people with blue water - therefore why he is shiny blue too! To get the shimmery blue colour I painted on Ice Blue Dusting powder which transformed him. Thankfully Sam recognised him straightaway and I got a lovely message from his mum later on saying how overwhelmed but delighted he was with his cake and they kept sneaking a peek! Aw!

The other creatures around the side are gogos too from the other Series (es) - what is the plural for series? There are 4 series with about 60 gogos in each - If my girls think they are collecting them all they've had it!

The delivery of this cake was probably one of the most traumatic I have ever had - and there have been many traumas! It coincided with the worst snow and ice that this country has seen for nearly 30 years and the birthday boy lives in a quiet road that had obviously had the right amount of walking traffic to make the pavement lethal - to make it even worse I was on my own with my 3 year old who had spent more time on her bottom than on her feet that day - we skidded and slided to the front door though and happily the cake was delivered in one piece - I will never forget it!

Hope you like! Next time...Naked Ladies!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Peppa Pig Cake

Well I promised a Peppa Cake next but then I forgot to take a proper picture before I delivered it (I actually have done 2 recently but forgot to take a picture of either) - I don't think a quick snap whilst travelling in the car counts but I will post it anyway. I wasn't driving BTW!

I have also posted a picture of an older Peppa Pig cake - I love doing them. I have recently started making the Peppas using a walnut whip (From M&S as they are a bit smaller than the normal ones - and a lot cheaper!) I would prefer to eat a walnut whip than solid icing anyday.

Peppa is in the news today - Her and George have been spotted in the car without seatbelts - how horrendous - because us parents would automatically think that if Peppa doesn't have to wear a belt then our children don't either wouldn't we!!??**!

I intend on making Easter Peppa Pig figures and hope to post soon.

Coming next - Gogo Cake and the delivery from hell!