Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The most unusual First Holy Communion Cake?

Its that time of year again...First Holy Communions. I have to admit that last year I did get a tiny bit tired of doing book shaped cakes with a child praying but they were all very pretty. The first Communion cake for this year though has to be one of my most unusual requests - 4 of the main figures from High School Musical (Gabriella, Troy, Sharpey and Ryan) all on top of the cake. The creative-ness (real word?) in me will not allow them just to be sat directly on top of the icing so it had to be a sofa made out of polystyrene - Currys are going to get very suspicious soon, the amount of times I keep going in asking for spare polystyrene.


Chou said...

Ha! That cake is phenomenal.

Mosaic*Queen said...

Fabulous Cake!!! It looks tasty!
Thank you for your very kind wishes! :-)



Anonymous said...

It's obvious from the cake that "First Holy Communion" is meaningless to this family. It is a time to celebrate a child's first reception of the Body of Christ. It is not a secular celebration. The cake is very nice, but best suited for a birthday party.