Thursday, 29 May 2008

TWD and Daring Bakers Apologies

Once again I have to admit defeat - So many things have happened this month to make it impossible to complete my baking missions - I am currently treading water to keep up with existing cake orders just as wedding season starts to hit alongside a perfectly timed 2 week school holiday. I do intend on catching up with the baking missions that I have missed but for now please take a look at some pretty amazing concoctions.

The daring Bakers this month made Opera Cake which was a completely new concept to me but look delish! Visit them at Daring Bakers Blogroll

Tuesdays with Dorie (which incidentally have been featured in the Wall Street Journal - how cool is that?) made Pecan Sticky Buns - although these look yummy - I know brioche making would have just sent me over the edge - Other far more organised, less traumatised bakers can be found at Tuesdays With Dorie


Jenny said...

Ah that would explain why there was only one post here from you on my feeder instead of two!
Well good luck with the cake orders, and don't forget to breath occasionally.

Chez Us said...

Violet, these are fantastic! She will grow to love chocolate no worries there! Good luck with your cake orders.