Monday, 23 February 2009

A Cake for the great Outdoors - Not to be confused with a Great Cake for Outdoors!

Quite a brief accompanied this cake order...An 18 year old that loves trecking and all things outdoors. He was getting a North Face Black Jacket for his birthday which had to be featured aswell as his IPod (A must for all 18th cakes it seems!) Gareth's Mum requested a few of his past interests and present hobbies be included on the cake...the lettering is in the style of Warhammer covering gareth's love of military history, Lego Pieces, Life Saving float and rubber ring and books. Gareth is also a lover of Wheetos and carries them on every exhibition often eating them out of the box -That took ages to paint!! His face is not supposed to look dirty - its stubble!

I have to admit this is not of one my favourite designs but I do love that it is so individual to its recipient.

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Anonymous said...

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