Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Love Bakery - Book Review

I am on a mission to own AND USE 200 baking and cooking books by the time I am 40 which is just under 3 years years away (Argh!) These must be books that are useful and don't just sit on the shelf collecting dust. I am already up to at least 120 with just a couple that I need to get rid of as they are not that good.

The Love Bakery book is my latest acquisition and I LOVE it! There are hundreds of cupcake books on the market but this has loads of recipes that I will make. I have only owned the book for a week but have already made the Toffee Apple cupcakes and the Chocolate Orange Cupcakes with plenty more on my 'to bake' list. I attended a charity event last Friday for Halloween where I took loads of cupcakes and the Chocolate Orange Cupcakes were the first to sell out, so they will definately be made again! The recipes do not have loads of ingredients in them or even worse really obscure ingredients that will be impossible to find here in St Helens.

I enjoyed reading the introduction about how the bakery came about and it really struck a chord as it is similar to how my business has started. I paid £12.99 for this book in Chesters (The Coffee shop by the River in Ambleside - I will tell you more about this coffee shop another time) but last night I discovered the book is being sold by The Book People for £4.99 - so fill your boots!

All-in-all a great book and a recommended one for anyone interested in baking.


Anonymous said...

I love cookbooks too! I'm actually hosting a giveaway on my blog for a great new book called
"1000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cookies and Cakes". It is not a recipe book, but more like a picture book filled with hundreds of fun ideas and inspiration! Hop on over to enter the giveaway!


Desserts With Stephanie said...

Haven't heard of this book so thanks for sharing. I'm a cookbook junkie also so thank you for sharing.