Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Hotel Chocolat Review

It has been a while since I did any product reviews on this particular blog, but when I got invited to review Easter Gifts from Hotel Chocolat - I nearly bit their hand off - who wouldn't?

When the chocolate arrived, I was so tempted to nibble all to myself but being the good mummy/wife that I am, I saved it until we were all together.

My package was The Easter Pick Me Up Gift Set which can be bought from the Hotel Chocolat website for £11.00 - This is slightly more than I would normally pay for an Easter Gift but when we tasted the chocolate we all agreed that it was top quality. The Gift Set contains a Doodle Chick set - which is 2 milk chocolate slabs (one with a caramel chocolate chick), Caramel Egglets - which are 6 milk and white chocolate Eggs with really gooey, liquidy caramel inside and a Tiddly Pot - which contains 10 chocolate chicks and bunnies.

So what did we think?
The Tiddly Pot was the favourite of my girls (aged 4 & 8) and we were pleasantly suprised how much chocolate could be squeezed into such a diddy pot.
The Caramel Egglets were very rich and filling - these were perhaps more suited to adults - but that's ok! ;-)
The Doodle Chick slabs were great for a handbag snack and very yummy too!

The Hotel Chocolat website is great for drooling over and if you want to send someone a special treat, there is plenty of choice.
If you are after a slightly cheaper Easter Child's gift, I would highly recommend the Tiddly Pot which you can buy here with an egg for £7.

This is a review - I was not paid for doing this review but enjoyed my free sample very much. Thank you!

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