Wednesday, 15 April 2009

TWD Coming Soon and Twitter News

You may have come here looking for 15 minute Chocolate Amaretti Torte - It is this week's instalment from the fabulous Tuesdays with Dorie baking group - I only arrived back from my hols last night though and found that my food processor is broken! Poo! That is the essential item that turns this recipe into 15 minutes instead of 15 hours! I will be posting the recipe as soon as poss but in the meantime...

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The photo (because I cannot post without at least a picture of a cake) is of a recent wedding cake featuring the bride, groom (who sings in a Oasis tribute band) and their lovely baby.

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Marie Rayner said...

I did not do the TWD challenge this week. Todd and chocolate just don't mix. He can do chocolate icing but not a whole chocolate cake. Your wedding cake is beautiful! I am sure it was well received!