Tuesday, 3 November 2009

NaBloPoMo - A Challenge!

No the heading is not a typing error - it really does say NaBloPoMo - This stands for National Blog Posting Month where bloggers from all over the world try to post a Blog update every day for a month. Considering it is the 3rd of November already and I have only just found out about it I'm not doing too well - but I will give it a go! Finding things to talk about every day for a month shouldn't be too much of a problem - never short of something to say and sooo behind on cake posts.

The cake pictured is a recent christening cake - the family asked me to copy a picture of a cake they found on the internet - I have seen the picture before but for the life of me couldn't find whose it was to ask their permission to copy it and give them credit for the design - apologies if it is you!

Until tomorrow...Argh getting stressed already!


Cara said...

This is gorgeous, love the little toadstools! Cx

Casa Costello said...

Thanks! x

Cake for the Date said...

Very cute nice job!