Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Football Crazy!

I think I am becoming addicted to shaped cakes - I spent years being too scared to to a shape other than round or square but now that I am 'brave' I find every opportunity to move away from traditional round or square. I made this cake using 2 x pyrex bowls which held a 9" mix - The cake looked really small though when they were stuck together. I also had to be really careful when trimming off the edges to keep the ball shape.

This was for my friend's brother's 21st who supports Newcastle (Black and White) I didn't want to put too much colour on the cake but wanted a few highlights.

Altogether - Fairly pleased with this one!

Report from the recipients...A lovely thank you card saying how pleased they were and how the cake tasted 'divine'! Bonus!

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Brittany said...

Just wanted to say, what a cool cake! I am quite envious of your cake skills! Amazing!